Winter Snow Cloud Cookies

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

Well, I live in San Diego, so it’s actually 70 degrees and sunny, but it’s snowing elsewhere, so we’ll just pretend.


Whoosh!! Grab your mittens because there’s one big gust of wind coming from this cold weather cookie!

Silvery, sprinkle-y, simple, and sweet, these cookies use only two colors making them easy breezy (pun intended!).


And did I mention the cheeks? Forget about those crazy cute cheeks!

Now, let’s talk supplies!

  • 20 second icing, half drop of Americolor Royal Blue and Americolor Sky Blue
  • 20 second icing, half drop of Americolor Soft Pink
  • White sanding sugar
  • Black edible marker
  • Silver luster dust

Start by flooding the cookies with blue and letting them dry for a few hours. Then, using a paintbrush dedicated to food, flick silver luster dust to make sparkly speckles on the clouds a la Bake at 350’s technique shown here.


Add a blue border and while still wet and sprinkle with sparkling or sanding sugar.

Waiting at least an hour for the border to set, draw on your snow cloud’s gusty or cheerful face and add some sweet pink cheeks.


Done, done, done and cute as can be!

I love these cloud cookies as they differ from the usual red and green palette and because while everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas, winter snow clouds are nondenominational!

Hope you’re staying warm out there my sweet friends and if you need a respite from all that chilly air, come visit America’s Finest City 😉


My hubs 3D printed this cloud cookie cutter for me, but you can easily find cloud cutters all over the interwebs.

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