What Every New Cookie Maker Shouldn’t Be Without

One of my first purchases after deciding to get into sugar cookies was the Wilton 101-Piece Cookie-Cutter Set. I actually hemmed and hawed about whether to buy it; 101 cookie-cutters feels like a big commitment. What

if I decided all that rolling and cutting was a colossal pain in the tuckus? Then I’m stuck with over 100cookie-cutters in my cupboard that I feel too guilty to throw out but am therefore stuck with for the next 50 (hopefully!) years. Hem. Haw.

What Every New Cookie Maker Shouldn’t Be Without

Fast forward two months and I’m still free of buyer’s remorse. I’ve made a ton of cookies using this set and am so happy to have purchased it. The Wilton 101 set comes with a cutter for nearly every occasion as well as a cutter for each letter of the alphabet and numbers zero through nine. So far my most used cutters have been the regular and scalloped hearts, the stars, the letters, and the flowers. I had to purchase some extra cutters to supplement a few deficiencies in the Wilton set. Sadly, there is no baby-themed cutter (e.g. a onesie, carriage, etc.), no four-leaf clover (for shame!) and no tiered cake (lame!).

That said, the Wilton set really has a lot going on (check out all the cutters included to the left) and is well worth the $15 it retails for. Even better, grab a 40 percent off coupon from the circular posted on Michael’s website and you can get your 101-piece set for $9! What, what! Even if you decide sugar cookies aren’t going to be your thing, the cutters can still live in your cupboard and make an appearance over the holidays or when you want to cut your little one’s sandwich into the shape of a giant gingerbread person!

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