Wedding Dress Cookies for a Summer Bridal Shower

Wedding Dress Cookies for a Summer Bridal Shower

In addition to lacey heart sugar cookies, I whipped up a couple dozen wedding dress cookies for a bridal shower thrown by my East Coast homegirl. I can’t tell you how much I love this dress cutter. Its the cutest wedding dress cutter around.

Unlike most other dress cutters which include an insanely huge bust above a painfully tiny waist (figures!), this cutter has a nice, natural shape.

Wedding Dress Cookies for a Summer Bridal Shower

This wedding dress cookie design includes as many sanding sugar sprinkles as I could reasonably squish in (per the shower coordinator’s request), covering the bust and lining the bottom of the dress. I tried a few different options for the yellow detail, playing with different types of flowers and sugar pearls, but ultimately the bow seemed the cleanest and sturdiest for shipping.

On a separate note, I’ve been toying around with 20-second icing, a mix between flood and pipe icing that gets the whole job done with just one consistency. Cool, right? I’m totally into it.

That said, I’m very new to 20-second icing, so I don’t have it locked down yet. One batch was bit too loose, hence the wobbly edges on some of the dresses. Erf!

Even with their imperfections, I think the wedding gowns turned out cute as can be. Hopefully they made the bride-to-be smile and helped make her shower a little more special!

Wedding Dress Cookies for a Summer Bridal Shower

In case you’re curious, the dress cutter can be found in Wilton’s wedding-themed 4-pack cutter set. This set also comes with a tiered cake cutter, which is worth the cost of the set alone. That said, get ‘er cheap at Michael’s with a coupon!

The color palette includes Americolor Bright White for the dresses and a pinch bit of Americolor Lemon Yellow for the detailing.

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