Wedding Cake Cookies for Justine

Wedding Cake Justine

My fabulous friend and former Southern Californian, Justine, is getting married this May in New York. Since Quinn came onto the scene, long distance trips aren’t as manageable (read: an anxiety-ridden fiasco), so we’ll sadly have to miss the celebration. Thankfully though, Justine flew back to Cali for a quick trip last weekend and we were able to sneak in a bridal brunch.

Our friend Mai hosted at her home and no surprise, everything was spot-on. Tasty food. Wonderful company. Lots of laughs.

I wanted to do a little something extra for Justine as she’s such a great friend and I’m thrilled she’s marrying a really funny, smart, quirky, and now also, very lucky guy. Naturally, I chose to bake up a batch of wedding cake sugar cookies to have as favors for the brunch.

Wedding Cake Justine1

I’ll tell you, I like the design, but I don’t love it. I think the lesson learned from these cookies is that as a beginning cookie-maker, detailed freehand piping can be tough. My swirlies look okay, but not as pretty or smooth as I’d like. That said, I still think they’re cute and they were most certainly made with lots of wedding happiness, which ensures extra tastiness.

Wedding Cake Justine3

Here’s the lowdown on how these cookies came to be. First off, Classic Sugar Cookies. For frosting, I started by piping the outline with Americolor Bright White using a number 2 tip. Then I flooded the cookies with more Bright White, let the cookies dry for about two hours, and finally piped on the detail with a mix of Americolor Violet and Americolor Regal Blue. After a full day of drying, I placed each one in a clear plastic treat bag and voila, bridal brunch cookie favors complete!

Happy Wedding Justine! We wish we could celebrate with you and send lots of love and good luck to you and your future hubby!





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