The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle & My Moratorium on Cookie Cutters

While Bridget of Bake at 350 turned me on to cookie decorating, Callye AKA Sugar Belle blows me away with her creative genius. Callye’s cookies are adorable and perfectly executed. This gal might actually be a cookie robot. Seriously, look at these cookies…

Crazy right?! They’re incredible!

Though I love all her photos, her tutorials, and her tips, I’m most in love with her approach to multi-tasking cookie cutters. As you may know, I already have 100 cookie cutters in my casa. Since then, I’ve collected at least 30 more.

That’s a lot of cutters ya’ll. They’re quickly absorbing every open nook and cranny we’ve got.

Since space is of the essence at our house, I decided to enact a moratorium on cookie cutter purchases. No more for a while.

At first, I found my self-imposed moratorium quite sad, but when I saw how Callye’s mind works, holy wow. I’ve got a whole new perspective on cutters. See these different cutters…


She took those and some cookie-makin’ magic, and made these!


Seriously Callye, you’re a cookie maven!

You might remember my first creative cookie cutter project, a batch of hippo cookies from a skull cutter. I’m having so much fun thinking of cookie cutter hacks, I don’t mind the moratorium one bit!

Confession!: I did buy one cutter in the past couple months. The wedding dress. I justify this purchase because it was special for a friend’s shower. That doesn’t count, right?

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