No Lion, You’re Hot Valentine!

First off, all lion puns are horrible. Google “lion puns”. You’ll agree. Alas, corny puns abound for Valentine’s Day and I’m not about to buck the trend, so… No Lion! You’re hot valentine! Really, this is just a silly excuse for me to make the lion cookie design I’ve been chewing on for months. Heart nose. Wee whiskers. Curly mane. Happy […]

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

A couple years back right before Easter, I picked up the most adorable pastel-colored nonpareils at Target. With a few shades of pink, pale blue, and white, this nonpareil mix is super dreamy and great for springtime cookies! I first used these sprinkles on this set of bunny cookies and have been itching to re-make and revise […]

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