Summer Snail Cookies: Because Slow Food is Sweet

This post has a secondary title, “Snail Cookies: Because Michelle is Slow as Molasses with the Posts Lately!”

True enough!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, my life’s been a whirlwind lately. We sold our sweet little house, moved into a rental house, and are now set to close on our next house around July 4th. Three houses. Two moves. Two kids. One husband traveling to Scandinavia on “work” for the next 10 days…

Yeah, that’s why the posts are comin’ at you super slowly and also why there may be a slightly bitter tone to this post!

If only cookie blogging had me traveling to Europe on work!

Okay, pity party over.

Let’s look at these super happy, super tiny snail faces and smile big-time!

And those blushing pink cheeks! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

I honestly can’t help but smile and take a deep breath looking at these little loves.

Plus, they’re heavy-handed on the sprinkles, which is just right for me (and my friend Sue, too. That gal works sprinkles like no other!).

If, like me, you want to cheer up a bit or you want to send someone else some cheer (birthday cheer, just thinking of you cheer, any variety of cheer applies), start making summer snail cookies!

  • 20 second icing, Americolor Dusty Rose
  • 20 second icing, Americolor Lemon Yellow
  • 20 second icing, Americolor Leaf Green
  • Confetti quins
  • Edible markers
  • Petal dust & a q-tip
  • Big flower sprinkles
  • Clear sanding sugar

Fill the snail’s shell with icing and after letting that set about 20 minutes, fill the snail’s body. Again, after waiting for the icing to set, add matching antenna with confetti quins/sprinkles to the tippy tops.

After the base of the snail is fully dry (8 to 12 hours), pipe a swirl design on the snail’s shell and immediately place a flower sprinkle at the center.

Quickly, while the swirl is still wet, sprinkle with clear sanding sugar. I like doing this in a coffee filter to easily catch excess sprinkles.

Lots of snails with lots of sprinkles!

Nom nom nom!

And here comes the fun!

These snails are all about their tiny little faces. Grab a q-tip and pink petal dust and slowly dust on pink cheeks. From here, draw on whatever snail face you like. I’m digging on kawaii style faces lately, so these snails had wide-set eyes and cheerful expressions.

And just like that, we’re done! These are definitely beginner-friendly cookies, but they look a bit complicated with their faces and all the colors.

The cutter for these Summer Snail Cookies can be picked up at Ikea as part of their woodland cutter setThis silly moose is from the same set and there are several other adorable animal shapes!

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