Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

A couple years back right before Easter, I picked up the most adorable pastel-colored nonpareils at Target. With a few shades of pink, pale blue, and white, this nonpareil mix is super dreamy and great for springtime cookies!

I first used these sprinkles on this set of bunny cookies and have been itching to re-make and revise those sweet rabbits ever since.

And here we are! I present Sprinkle-y Pink Bunny Cookies v2.0!

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

As you may know, I’m currently a sprinkle-aholic. I love them and I love these bunny friends!

Extra coolness, you might already have the cutter for these Easter bunny cookies. It’s the big yellow bunny face cutter that’s included in my favorite Wilton 101 cutter set and has made many cute bunny cookies over the years, including these from Sugarbelle and these from Haniela’s.

For my Sprinkle-y Pink Bunny Cookies, you just need to give the dough a little trim.

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

One easy cut and done!

To get this love bunny, it’s worth the extra trim.

And did I mention the sprinkles?

Oh, sweet dreamy sprinkles. I could stare at them all day.

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

But, I don’t have time for that! We need to make bunny cookies. Gather your supplies!

  • 20 second icing, Americolor Bright White
  • 20 second icing, Dusty Rose (my new fave pink)
  • Pastel nonpareils
  • Heart quins/sprinkles
  • Black or blue candy beads, 4mm
  • Pink edible marker
  • Pink luster dust

When I design cookies, I start by tracing the cutter and playing with different looks. Once I pick my fave, I freehand a guide of the larger details with an edible marker.

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

Starting with white icing, fill the bunny’s face and immediately drop in candy beads for eyes and a pink heart quin for the nose. Also, fill the bunny’s paws with white icing.

After the icing has started to set (it will look more matte and less wet), outline the inner bunny ears with pink icing.

Again, after the pink has started to set, fill the body and outside of the bunny ears with white icing.

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

Wait 8 to 12 hours for the icing to fully dry before filling the bunny ears with pink icing and immediately sprinkling with nonpareils. I suggest applying only a thin layer of pink icing to the inner ears, so that the nonpareils stay well within the pink icing border. This gives the sprinkles a clean, sharp look.

Also, let’s thank Cookie Queen Bridget of Bake at 350 for the genius coffee filter trick. No more crazy nonpareil mess in the kitchen!

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

Add pink paws, being mindful not to add too much icing as the separate paw details could quickly turn into a single pink blob.

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

For our sweet bunny face, use pink edible marker to draw a smile and a q-tip with pink petal dust to add rosy cheeks.

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

Two icing colors. Two different sprinkles. Too cute!

I hope these bunnies help you get excited for spring merriment and Easter egg hunts!

Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

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