Sparkly Heart Sugar Cookies


Two cookie favors per guest is always better than one, yes? In addition to wedding cake sugar cookies, I made sparkly heart sugar cookies to match for my friend Justine’s bridal brunch. These hearts use the same purple color from the wedding cake cookies as well as a sprinkle of sanding sugar to add a little glitz and a little crunch.


I started with my Classic Sugar Cookies recipe and made a couple modifications for a zingy lemon twist (I’ll post this recipe soon!).

Next, I piped the outline of the hearts using a number 2 tip. This purple color is made by mixing Americolor Violet and Americolor Regal Blue.

Sparkly Heart Sugar Cookies

Immediately after flooding the cookies with the same color, I sprinkled white sanding sugar over top.

Here’s what my sanding sugar station looked like. Wax paper, a small spoon, and sanding sugar. This process is incredibly easy. Sprinkle sugar over top until the cookie looks well covered. Then, be sure to tap off excess sugar or any detail piped over top won’t be as strongly affixed to the cookie. In case you’re curious, that’s the flood icing in the squeeze bottle.

Sparkly Heart Sugar Cookies12

I didn’t wait long, maybe 30 minutes, before piping the detail on top. This is another benefit of sanding sugar: you don’t have to wait for the flood icing to dry before detailing.

Finally, I made some random swirls and dots in the same purple, still using a number 2 tip. Twenty-four hours to dry and voila, sparkly heart sugar cookies!


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