Simple Skeleton Gals from a Gingerbread Cutter

Cuter and not at all creepy Halloween cookies coming your way!

Say hi to this sweet bunch of skeleton gals made from a gingerbread cutter. Everyone’s got one of these cutters laying around, which is great for the armchair cookies. Plus, the swift addition of a royal icing flower takes these cookies from “he” to “she” and in my opinion, from just fine to super fun!

Simple Skeleton Gals from a Gingerbread Cutter

These skeleton girl cookies are so straightforward, a tutorial seemed unnecessary. For the skinny on these simple flower royal icing transfers, check out any or all of these posts: April Showers Umbrella CookiesBeehive Cookies from a Candy Corn Cutter, and Daisy Cake Cookies.

I really do love these flowers. Incredibly fast and great to keep stashed away in your cabinet, these simple flowers were first documented (to my knowledge, at least) by the fabulous and most famous cookie queen around, Sugarbelle.

Simple Skeleton Gals from a Gingerbread Cutter

I used 20 second icing in Halloween purple (Americolor Regal Purple + Fuchsia) for the background and a looser piping icing in Americolor Bright White for the skeleton. To avoid mixing up black, I used an edible marker. No fuss, no muss.

Obviously, I took more than a few liberties with the anatomy of the human skeleton. There’s only so much room on a three-inch cookie and I’d say, less bones is more.

Simple Skeleton Gals from a Gingerbread Cutter

I think bow-ties would be the perfect accessory for guy skeletons. Alas, our house has a majority of girls, so flowers it was!

I hope ya’ll are getting excited for Halloween, fall foliage, pumpkin-y baked goods, and all things autumn!

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