Robot Girl Cookies

Several weeks ago Hani of Haniela’s and Mike of Semi Sweet Designs contacted me and a few other bloggers with the fabulous idea of throwing a virtual baby shower for our friend Jennifer from Not Your Momma’s Cookie. I’ve been following Jennifer’s pregnancy on her blog for the past several months and am so excited to virtually celebrate her new baby girl, Seraphina! Robot Girl Cookies & a Geeky Baby Shower for Jennifer from NoYoMoCo!

When I learned the shower’s theme, “baby girl geek”, I was even more stoked! I’ve been chewing on robot girl designs for ages and thanks to Jennifer’s shower and her new little smoosh, their time has finally come!

Robot Girl Cookies

For a moment I considered choosing a geeky pop culture cookie as that really is Jennifer’s specialty, but truth is, that world is so foreign to me. I’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek and I only recently learned what a pixel is. Better leave those cookies to Jennifer!

And better for me to stick with what I know…

…and I know girlie cookies! Enter these sweet little robot gals with bows, ruffles, and lots of pink!

Robot Girl Cookies

As you may know, I’m a sucker for cookie cutter hacks and these robot gals are made from a mash-up of Wilton’s present cutter and a small rectangle. I had never used the present cutter, so that was extra fun for me. Leave no cutter untouched, I say!

Simply position the little rectangle into the present, bake, and voila! Girlie robot cookies!

Robot Girl Cookies

I’m not 100 percent confident in my freehand piping, so I sketched out my robot girl design on the cookie.

I made a guide cut from cardstock for the robot’s head, a 2 inch by 1-inch rectangle. While I wasn’t worried about my robots being super perfect, I am a more relaxed decorator knowing that her head will be centered and symmetrical.

From there, I sketched out the dress and the arms. All done drawing!

Robot Girl Cookies

Now it’s time to decorate! For these gals, I used the following icing colors and consistencies and a few other goodies:

  • 20 second icing, Gray (a touch of Americolor Super Black)
  • Piping icing, Gray (a touch of Americolor Super Black)
  • Stiff icing, Americolor Soft Pink
  • Piping icing, Americolor Super Black
  • Piping icing, Americolor Bright White
  • Heart Sprinkles
  • Leaf tip #65
  • Petal/ruffle tip #101

Starting with 20 second gray icing, fill the robot’s dress. After about 20 minutes when the top layer of icing looks set, fill the robot’s head and pipe her feet.

I had some cratering with the feet, but didn’t sweat it. If you get a crater, just fill it with more icing. We’ll cover up goofs later!

Robot Girl Cookies

After the top layer of icing has set, use more 20 second gray icing to fill the arms. Then, use gray piping icing for the antenna, ears, and legs. The joint between the legs and the dress will be covered, so no need to make it seamless.

This is where things get colorful! Using stiff pink icing, pipe a hair-bow on your robot girl. I used Sugarbelle’s fantabulous post on piping hair-bows with a leaf tip to help me through this. If like me,  you aren’t an expert on decorating tips, spend a few moments practicing bows on a plate. They really aren’t difficult, but a little trial and error go a long way.

Also, I love my scribe tool for many things and positioning these bows is one of them! I piped each half of the bow straight into the air and then used the tool to fold the tip towards the center. If this sounds like a bunch of jibber jabber, just read Sugarbelle’s post!

Okay, grab your heart sprinkles and gray piping icing, add a dot of icing where you want a sprinkle and gently drop it down. I used my scribe tool to get the hearts positioned just right.

Robot Girl Cookies

A little more on the bow. Here’s a close-up of the bow prior to adding the middle dot. It’s just two leaves pulled together. Easy as pie!

Also, I love how the bow lifts off the cookie. Adding dimension to cookies kicks ‘em up a big notch in my book!

Robot Girl Cookies

With a drop of pink icing in the center, the bow’s all done.

Cute, cute, cute!

Robot Girl Cookies

For the skirt, I used a 101 tip and stiff pink icing.

I heart ruffles big time.

Robot Girl Cookies

Did you notice Ms. Robot Girl’s shoes?

I had no intention of adding bows to her shoes, but after my feet got icing craters, I wanted to cover up the not quite smooth surface. I’m so glad for that goof because I love these bows!

Using a number 2 tip, I just piped an icing dot and then dragged it down and towards the center. Really, these bows are just itty bitty icing hearts.

As for this robot gal’s eyes, I’d been at a loss until I saw Sweetambs cupcake cookies a few weeks back. She brilliantly uses the black icing from the eye to draw out eyelashes with a scribe tool. That Amber’s one smart cookie!

Robot girl mugshot comin’ up!

Robot Girl Cookies

Watch Amber’s cupcake cookie video and be amazed!

Side note: if that whole eye business scares you, there’s always black sugar pearls and these cookies won’t be diminished in the slightest by skipping this last step. Whatever floats your boat!

Robot Girl Cookies

Again, these robot girls are made from a mash-up of Wilton’s present cutter and a small Ateco rectangle.

Want to see more awesome geeky girl baby shower goodies?! Trust me, you do!

Sending warm hugs and lots of geeky girl love to my friend Jennifer at Not Your Momma’s Cookie and her sweet little Seraphina!

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