Polar Teddy Bear Cookies: You’ve Got All Day for a Dozen Cookies, So Why Not?

Pun intended, but for real, they took a long arse time. I nearly gave up on photographing the tutorial about halfway through as I was getting a serious case of the lazies.

polar bear

I didn’t though and I’m very glad for that because I love these little sweeties.

They sparkle in the sunshine and look furry-cute, so I enjoy them despite their intense neediness.

And who could resist that smile?

polar bear

I designed these cookies imagining that Sweetambs Teddy Bears and Klickitat Street Polar Bears got together and had polar teddy bear babies.

They use an easy to find Wilton cookie cutter, have a great furry look, sweet wide-eyed faces, and shimmery paws.

Since these are going to take a while, we’d better get decorating! Supply list:

  • 20-second icing, Americolor White
  • 20-second icing, Gray (a touch of Americolor Super Black)
  • Piping icing, Americolor Super Red
  • Piping icing, Americolor Super Black
  • Silver luster dust
  • Food safe paintbrush
  • Scribe tool

To start, fill the polar teddy in sections with white icing. Following the photo below, fill the head and paws first, then the arms, and finally the belly. Wait about 20 minutes between sections to let the icing crust. Let dry 8 to 12 hours.

To create the furry look, use a small amount of white icing and then with a dry paintbrush, dab at the icing while distributing it evenly across the cookie. Want to see this technique in action? Sweetambs fulfills your wish with her video tutorial! Let dry about an hour.

polar bear

Next, use a scribe tool to etch lines down the center of the bear’s face and belly as well as across the bottom of his ears.

Create a snout with white icing and fill inner ears and paws with gray icing. Let dry completely, 8 to 12 hours.

polar bear

You may also want to pray that this travesty doesn’t happen to your polar teddies…

polar bear

Big sad craters fell in the center of pretty much all of my bear snouts. I blame the unusually high humidity in SoCal, but really I don’t know. I tried to prevent craters by running my scribe tool around the snout, but it didn’t work. Bah!

To cover up that blunder, I piped more white icing on top in a thin-ish layer. It worked pretty well and to get all silver-lining about it, the extra icing made the snout more three-dimensional.

Moving on to the face, pipe black ovals for the eyes and immediately drop in a white dot for glare. Careful with your glare. Too much and he looks brainwashed. I’m not going to point fingers, but in the top photo, the bottom left bear looks like a zombie.

Make a nice big nose and use some black icing from the nose and your scribe tool to draw a smile. I love this technique and again, for a visual, visit Amber’s video tutorial. Don’t forget to pop in the center scarf piece with red icing, too, and if you want the scarf to have fringe, use the scribe tool trick again.

polar bear

Add the left and right segments of the scarf with red icing as well as the final scarf piece. Let the cookie dry completely.

At this point, use a dry paintbrush to apply silver luster dust over the seams (down the middle of the bear and at the bottom of the ears). Dust off the excess and lastly, paint silver luster dust onto the paws and inner ears.

Honestly, I wasn’t in love with this cookie until the luster dust. The shimmer on the paws and sparkle on the seams absolutely makes this teddy come to life. It’s just so cheerful and so special!

polar bear

So there you have it! Polar teddy bear cookies that are perfect for ringing in a silvery white winter.

I’ve sent mine off to a friend preparing to welcome her first son to world. I have a special fondness for bear-themed cookies, clothes, etc. as our baby Adair has taken on the nickname “Darebear”.

polar bear

The cutter for the polar teddy bear cookies is part of Wilton’s 4-piece baby-themed cutter set.

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