No Lion, You’re Hot Valentine!

First off, all lion puns are horrible.

Google “lion puns”. You’ll agree.

Alas, corny puns abound for Valentine’s Day and I’m not about to buck the trend, so…

No Lion! You’re hot valentine!

Really, this is just a silly excuse for me to make the lion cookie design I’ve been chewing on for months.

Heart nose. Wee whiskers. Curly mane. Happy eyes.

And no special lion cutter! Just grab that excessively large teddy bear cutter from your 101 Cookie Cutter tub from Wilton and away we go!

Clearly, you’ll trim off the teddy bear body when cutting the cookie dough.

For these cookies, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • 20 second icing, Americolor Lemon Yellow
  • 20 second icing, Americolor Bright White
  • Super stiff icing, Americolor Orange
  • Black candy beads
  • Pink heart sprinkles
  • Black edible marker

To start, flood the entire cookie with yellow icing and while still wet, drop down two white cheeks, two black candy bead eyes, and a heart sprinkle nose.

After the cookie has fully dried, eight hours or overnight, draw the eyebrows, whiskers, and smile on the lion.

Finally, pipe swirls of orange for the lion’s mane using a tiny star tip (I used a number 13 tip). If you want a visual aide before piping the swirls, I highly recommend you check out the cookie queen’s rose swirl video. She demonstrates what super stiff icing looks like and just how to get the flow of the swirls going.

And that’s that!

Easy-ish cookies for Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, baby showers and beyond!

No lion!

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