Multi-tasking Your Candy Corn Cutter for Springtime Beehive Cookies

The candy corn cookie cutter gets major bonus points as an adaptable cutter. Sugarbelle has used it to make Star Wars cookies and Owl in Pumpkin cookies. Sue from Munchkin Munchies chose it for Watermelon Slice Cookies. Sweet Hope Cookies even made Angry Bird cookies.

Another fun use for the candy corn cutter… Beehive Cookies!


Isn’t it truly a great fit? I’ve been thinking about beehive cookies for a while now as my mama-in-law Sandy enjoys bee paraphernalia.

Any chance ya’ll remember these sweet baby bee cookies I made for Sandy a while back? Those were also from multi-tasking cookie cutters by the by!

So instead of adding to my ever-growing collection of cookie cutters for Sandy’s Mother’s Day gift, I took a look at my cutters and right away, the candy corn cutter jumped out as a great beehive shape. No extra cutting necessary! Hurray!

With candy corn-shaped sugar cookies and royal icing in hand, we can get going on our Springtime Beehive Cookies! For colors, you’ll need Americolor Egg Yellow piping and flooding icing; Americolor Super Black piping icing; and Americolor Bright White piping icing.

First up, grab your black icing and outline an itty bitty door for your beehive. As the door is fairly wee-sized, you can get away with filling the door with piping icing. Just have a toothpick or boo-boo stick in hand to smooth out any bumps. Let this dry overnight or for several hours to prevent bleeding from the black icing.

I wanted to sneak in a little more piping work at night when I had the free time, so I started in with Egg Yellow on the beehive, but stopped before encountering the black door to avoid bleeding.

Next up, outline the beehive or if you already started in as I had, just finish up the outline. Feel free to begin flooding with yellow as well. Careful not to overfill or your layers will blob together!

Let your yellow icing dry several hours before moving on.

When the yellow is dry, reach for your white icing and pipe on the bee’s wings and the daisies. The technique for making the wings and the flowers is exactly the same. With the bees, you’re just simply adding two “petals” across from one another.


For a video on how to make these flowers, check out Sugarbelle’s handiwork over yonder.

Digression: I’m obsessed with these simple royal icing flowers! I’ve made them a bunch this past month: Daisy Cake CookiesDaisy Sprinkles, and April Showers Umbrella Cookies. Quite honestly, I’m addicted to their cuteness!

Back to bees! Let’s add the bee’s body with a dot of yellow piping icing.

After this has dried at least an hour, add black dots to finish the bee’s body. This waiting time might be excessive, but I’m scared to death of black icing bleeding!


You’re also ready to add an extra defining outline around your beehive’s door as well as a fun swirly bee trail. No photo of this step as its pretty self-explanatory. Again, we’ll let this dry a good long while. I went for overnight because I’m paranoid like that.

Phew! We are almost there folks! The very last step is to drop yellow dots into the center of your daisies and cover these in sanding sugar for a little something special. I just love the sparkle that sanding sugar offers.

And we’re done! Beautiful cookies that cheerfully declare, “Hey honey! It’s spring!” or maybe, “Won’t you bee mine?!” or perhaps, “You’re the queen bee girlfriend!”

Of course, for Sandy this Mother’s Day, I hope my beehive cookies say, “Grammy, you’re the bee’s knees and we love you!”


I used the candy corn cookie cutter from this Wilton Halloween Cookie Cutter set, but I’m sure there are zillions of great candy corn cutters around.

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