Magic & Sparkles! Unicorn Cookies

Posts on my blog these days are like unicorns…

Sparkly, special, and rarely seen!

I have no extraordinary excuse, simply the busyness of life with kidlets. While I’m absolutely still baking, I’m doing so more for school bake sales, friends and family, and less for the purpose of blogging. It’s a little bit sad, but also a little bit okay. I’ve been sneaking in more reading and exercise, which bring me lots of joy.

These sweet unicorn cookies have actually been sitting in the bullpen for a few months. I made these for Quinn’s friend’s birthday last spring and I just love how they turned out.

The soft pastel palette is really pretty, especially with the pop of bright color that the heart quins offer. Likewise, gold sanding sugar adds sparkle to the unicorn hooves and gold luster dust makes the unicorn horn extra special.

As always, for the eyes, I opt for CK black sugar pearls to avoid the hassle of making black icing. An extra fine-tipped edible marker makes the eyelashes a breeze.

Beyond sugar cookies and a batch of royal icing, let’s get a supplies list going:

  • 20 second icing, Americolor White
  • Piping icing, Americolor Soft Pink
  • Piping icing, Americolor Sky Blue
  • Piping icing, Americolor Lemon Yellow
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Black edible marker
  • Heart sprinkles
  • Gold sanding sugar
  • Gold luster dust

To start, fill the unicorn body with white 20 second icing. While still wet, drop in the black sugar pearl for the eye as well as a heart sprinkle. Allow icing to set at least an hour.

To make the unicorn horn, pipe a rope that gets thicker as it comes closer to the head. Here’s a great video of Sweetambs demonstrating rope borders.

Next, add a mix of pink, yellow, and blue icing to create the tail and mane. Allow icing to dry completely, which may take five to eight hours.

Pipe yellow icing for hooves and while still wet, sprinkle with gold sanding sugar.

Making sure the unicorn’s body is fully set, draw on the eyelashes. For the last step (not pictured), paint gold luster dust onto the horn.

And voila! Magic, sparkles, pastel colors, and hearts!

What more could a birthday cookie possibly be?!

The cookie cutter I used to make these unicorn cookies is from Sur la Table.

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