Little Princess Cookies: Virtual Baby Shower for Sugarbelle & LilaLoa

There must have been something sweet shaking around the cosmos nine months back as the two greatest Cookie Queens of all-time, Callye AKA Sugarbelle and Georganne AKA LilaLoa, each had a baby girl last week and on the very same day!

To celebrate the arrival of their little cookie princesses, my friends Hani of Haniela’s, Mike of Semi Sweet, and I rallied cookie artists from around the ‘net for a royally-inspired baby shower!


I haven’t ventured much into the wonderful world of princess-inspired treats, so I was stoked to make these Baby Princess Cookies and as I often do, I used design principles from our virtual baby shower guests of honor!

From LilaLoa, I used my absolute favorite Theory of Bigheaded Cuteness (i.e. cookies with oversized heads are way cute!). LilaLoa’s theory definitely kicked up the cute factor on these snowmen last Christmas and worked again with these Baby Princesses!


And the cookies are super happy about it, too!

So joyful!


But, as you can see, not all these babies are so jolly.

Some are happy and chillaxed. Some are sleepy. One is way grouchy.

She wasn’t originally in the plan, but grouchy babies rarely are!


From Callye, I borrowed my favorite cookie design tip of all: mixing it up with cutters already in your stash!

I’ve been wanting to make bigheaded swaddled babies for a while now and had my number 8 cutter in mind. With the royal theme, I reached for a mini tulip cutter to make the perfect tiny crown.

Side note: if you don’t have Wilton’s 6-piece Mini Romantic Cookie Cutter set, do pick it up! So useful for mini ghostsMrs. Claus’ bun, and so much more!


To join the two cookies, piece the dough together prior to baking.

Once out of the oven, they should be just as strong as any other cookie. Hurray!


Let’s get started with royal icing, colors, and all that jazz!

  • 20 second icing, Americolor Warm Brown
  • 20 second icing, Flesh tone
  • 20 second icing, Light Pink (a drop of Americolor Dusty Rose)
  • 20 second icing, Medium Pink (a few drop of Americolor Dusty Rose)
  • Clear sanding sugar
  • Gold luster dust
  • Bronze luster dust, optional
  • Petal dust & a q-tip
  • Edible markers

Start by piping the crowns with Warm Brown icing and the ears with flesh tone. I position the ears just below the midline of the head. For the swaddle, use the wet-on-wet technique to create a woven look. Here’s more on that!

After the icing has begun to set, around 20 minutes, fill the second half of the swaddle.


After the icing has begun to set (again, around 20 minutes), fill in the baby face with flesh tone icing (not pictured). Wait a good 8 to 12 hours for the cookie to fully dry.

After completely dry, use a mix of gold and bronze luster dust to paint the crown. I’ve tried just using gold, but really prefer the bolder color of the mix.


From here, draw on the face with edible marker. I used brown, black, and pink markers.

Making the babes’ different expressions is so fun!


With a q-tip, gently apply pink petal dust to Princess Baby Girl’s cheeks.

I can’t resist pink cheeks on anything! Not hedgehogs, not bunnies, not leprechauns. I don’t even try!


To add a little sparkle and some sprinkles (a must around these parts lately), I added a detail line of pink across the swaddle and on the bottom of the crown. While still wet, I sprinkled on clear sanding sugar just like I did with these Nosey Santas.

And that’s it! Little Princess Cookies with lots of sweet expressions! A HUGE thanks to my friend Miss Cuit for the original baby face design. She’s a cookie genius!


One more round of congrats to Sugarbelle and LilaLoa on their new little girls! Warmest wishes for sleepy babies and lots of cozy newborn cuddles!

If you’d like to check out the work of my super talented cookie friends and see how they chose to celebrate Callye and Georganne’s little bundles, take a peak at this gorgeous collage (Mike’s handiwork!)



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