Leggo My Eggo! The Weirdest Sugar Cookies Ever

So you may have noticed that I’ve been missing-in-action on the blog for way too long. I’ve been fighting this mini-sabbatical every step of the way, trying to muster up the energy for cookie-ing, but I just couldn’t make it happen.

You see, a few months ago, one of these guys won the big race…

Leggo My Eggo! The Weirdest Sugar Cookies Ever

That’s right folks, I’m preggo! Yahoo! Well, I can “yahoo” now that the first trimester is over.

Yahoo for the second trimester!

Sidebar: Lets make a note that I just posted sperm and egg cookies. Totally weird, right? I just had to! Forgive me, I’m pregnant and my sense of humor is a little off. That’s a symptom of pregnancy, right?

Like I said, first trimester was pretty eh. Early on I struggled with some morning (read: all-day) sickness. I just wanted plain flavor-free food and had absolutely no taste for sweets, which is nutso for me. Cookies, bleh! Cupcakes, yick! I just couldn’t imagine it.

Naturally, this made baking and blogging rather challenging.

Alas, I’m feeling great these days and my energy is pretty much back to normal. While I’m going to try to bake, create, and post as often as I can while pregnant, things are definitely going to slow down. I figure, since the ol’ body is working so hard, I owe it some extra naps and rest; that is when I’m not chasing down my two year old Quinnlet.

Leggo My Eggo! The Weirdest Sugar Cookies Ever

So that’s the news! I’m glad to be out of the pregnancy closet. It was so weird to not share as I’m generally a big sharer.

Yay the secret’s out! Okay, now off to bake, picture-take and munch on sweets! Stay tuned for Christmas cookie designs!


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