He or She? Hedge Your Bets! Gender Reveal Hedgehog Cookies

While decorating these sweet Baby Face Cookies for my friend Frances’ gender reveal party, I was daydreaming about cookies (I’m 100 percent serious) and another gender reveals cookie came to me…

Hedgehogs… with hair-bows… and bow-ties!

And then, the perfect pun: “Hedge your bets!”

Well, not perfectly punny, but pretty close. Plus, it’s a little cheesy and a little sweet. Just like my cookie style!

And sprinkles, of course. To be my style, there must be sprinkles!


A girl! Yay! Hurray!

Enough about me though. Let’s cookie!

  • 20 second icing, Beige (a drop of Americolor Warm Brown)
  • 20 second icing, Dark Brown (Americolor Chocolate Brown + Super Black)
  • Black candy beads
  • Brown edible marker
  • Chocolate jimmies
  • Heart sprinkles
  • Pink petal dust & a q-tip

First up, fill the hedge’s face with beige and drop in a candy bead for the nose and eye. Also, fill his feet with more beige.


Let dry a couple hours before filling the middle of the hedgehog with dark brown icing.

Immediately place hedgie in a coffee filter (it’s going to be a sprinkle catcher)…

… And inundate him with chocolate jimmies.

Shake off excess jimmies and let dry completely 8 to 12 hours.

Use brown edible marker to draw eyelashes on your girl hedgies and to accentuate the ear on both hedgies.

Use a couple drops of icing as “glue” to attach your heart sprinkle bows or bow-ties.

Use your fingers or my fave, off-set tweezers (only used for food, folks!) to position the heart sprinkles.

Super cute, right? I love!

With pink petal dust and a q-tip, slowly dust on pink cheeks.

Pink cheeks are gender neutral. This handsome fellow looks every bit as boy-ish even with pink cheeks, yes?

And that’s it! Such a simple, beginner-friendly cookie that’s perfect for a gender reveal party or just a gender neutral baby shower.

Plus, all those chocolate jimmies make these hedgehog cookies look extra fun!

And one more time with my “Hedge your bets!” pun! That should seal the deal on these cookies for ya!

I picked up this hedgehog cutter, which is included in this adorable Woodland Animals set, at Ikea. My cookie friends on Facebook have told me that this set is sold everywhere from Italy to the U.K. to Minnesota!

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