Elfin-style Santa Claus Cookies from a Football Cutter!

I want to put an exclamation point after all of my post titles, but it seems a bit much.

I’m afraid you might think I just put it there reflexively. I mean, could a person possibly be that excited over each and every one of these cookies?

Honestly, YES!!!

Okay, I’m calming down now.

As has been the fate of many of my cookie tutorials lately, I started out strong and then stopped taking pictures due to the small-sized crazy munchkins running around my house. Still, I’ll start you off right.

With 20 second icing, flood the top third of the cookie with Americolor Super Red icing and the bottom third with Americolor Bright White icing. After letting the frosting set at least 20 minutes, flood the middle portion with icing tinted with the teeniest drop of Americolor Warm Brown.

And then the photo tutorial ended! Oh, children.

Here are the cliff notes. Add white icing to the hat and cover with white nonpareils. Then add a detail line of white icing to the beard and cover with sparkling sugar. Use black and white icing to make the eyes and eyebrows and then draw in the remaining details with edible marker.

In case you’re wondering if you’ve seen this bearded elf buddy before, you might have! I designed his look after a character in Quinn’s and my favorite children’s show, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

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