DIY Furry Cat Birthday Cake

For Halloween my awesome munchkin Quinn hemmed and hawed about her costume, struggling to choose between a pink cat and a fairy princess (Princess Holly to be exact).

Ultimately, she chose the fairy, so when her 4th birthday rolled around, she was ready for the pink cat to take center stage!


This pink cat is 100 percent inspired by my buttercream mentor Lyndsay at Coco Cake Land. Her cat cakes are out of control awesome. Por favor, wait a couple of minutes before looking at her cat cakes, so Quinn’s pink cat cake doesn’t lose any of its lusters.

To go tooting Lyndsay’s cake horn a little more, I used her recipe for strawberries and cream cake, which was *so* good. Dense in a fabulous not quite pound cake kind of way and intensely strawberry-ish. Everyone loved it, even those who are medium about strawberry desserts!


Decorating Q’s cat cake was pretty straightforward. I cut fondant pieces to make the face, including blue eyes to match my Q-Lou’s. I also recently got some fun raindrop cutter from Ateco, which made cutting the eyes super easy.

For the rest of the pieces, I just eyeballed the shapes to be about the right size and symmetrical to one another.


I don’t have nearly the wrist piping strength that Lyndsay has, so I skipped piping fur along the sides of the cake (#233 grass tip).

In the end, I really love the clean, sharp look of straight sides with a furry edge border at the bottom and a poofy furry top.


Quinn was over the moon stoked to see her pink cat cake and we all loved singing and munching down cake to celebrate her turning 4!

And naturally, because I’m moving slowly as molasses on this blog lately with the kids keeping me busier than I can manage, her birthday was back in November! Ha!

Better late than never, right?

Happy Birthday, QP!





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