Classic Sugar Cookies Recipe

I’ve tinkered with many sugar cookie recipes to find my own variation that never fails to produce tasty, beautiful cookies. I used to think sugar cookies tasted blah. All looks and no yum. Judging from the number of sugar cookie posts on my blog, you can see that I’ve since flip-flopped. I just needed to steer […]

Mrs. Claus Cookie

Did you catch the title of this post? It’s for real ya’ll… Callye, a.k.a. Sugarbelle, or as she’s known in my house “the cookie queen”, asked me to guest post on her blog and I feel like my favorite singer just pulled me on stage to sing with her! “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!” Jessie Spano, anyone? Saved […]

Simple Cookie Designs: Holiday Happiness in a Cocoa Mug Cookie

I’ve been dying to recreate Sue’s adorably cute cocoa mug cookies since I first discovered them last spring. I love love love ’em! Don’t they just radiate holiday happiness, warmth, and all things snuggly? I’d say these cookies help balance out the girl-a-palooza that is the hot pink snowflake cookie design. That said, the mug cookies still seem a […]

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