Bridget of Bake at 350: The Cookie Blog That Started It All

As part of my passion for cookies and treats, I read several fantabulous blogs that inspire many of my baking adventures. For those of you interested in branching out blog-wise and seeing how the pro’s do it, these ladies will rock your world (and make my cookies look like amateur hour).

If by some chance, you thought I was really cookie-talented, the gig is up!

Anywho, back to the pros. Just after Christmas, I happened upon Bridget’s blog, Bake at 350, while searching for tutorials on how to make and decorate sugar cookies. Bridget’s cookies are super cute and she makes it all seem incredibly do-able. It was then that I decided to gift myself a fun New Year’s resolution for 2012 and teach myself to make cookie art.

Bridget has a Cookie Index that lists zillions of adorable cookies she’s created over the years. When looking for cookie design inspiration, that’s often where I start.

Her cookie vibe is very beginner friendly, too. She rarely uses specialized equipment and is known for saying, “Our cookies are made by actual humans, not robots.”

I definitely need someone reminding me of that as I’m known to get crab-apple when my cookie designs go awry. Erf.

For that and for lots of fun reading, thanks to Bridget of Bake at 350!


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