Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

They might have big heads, but these snowmen sweeties are far from bigheaded!

They’re quite humble, in fact.

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

First off, props to the lovely LilaLoa for enlightening me and the rest of the cookie world about the inherent cuteness of large-headed creatures. Her big head duck cookies are a perfect example of this and are majorly adorable!

Applying the principle of big-headed cuteness, I designed these cookies with large winter hats and wide cheerful faces.

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

My regular snowman cutter wasn’t going to offer the right shape, though it’s the perfect shape for Christmas Elf Girls. Instead, I sifted through my stash to see what I could hack together.

I quickly came to a number 8 cutter that I purchased following The Bearfoot Baker’s sage advice. With a vertical flip and the addition of a party hat cutter, my big-headed snowman was coming together.

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

On to royal icing and other supplies:

  • 20 second icing, Americolor Leaf Green
  • Piping icing, Americolor Leaf Green
  • 20 second icing, Americolor Sky Blue
  • 20 second icing, Americolor Bright White
  • White nonpareils
  • Piping icing, Americolor Orange
  • Pink petal dust
  • Black sugar pearls or black piping icing

Start by filling the hat with green icing and the snowman’s coat with blue icing. Let set about 20 minutes.

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

After the icing has fully dried about 8 to 12 hours, pipe on a carrot nose with orange icing.

Alternatively, make carrot royal icing transfers on wax paper, allow to dry and then “glue” on with white icing. I used the latter method as I had extra orange icing a couple weeks ago and anticipated snowmen cookies coming down the way.

Pipe on the string of the hat and a bow in green.

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

Fill the top and bottom “fur” of the hat with white icing and immediately cover in white nonpareils. I love doing this in a coffee filter to keep the sprinkle mess to a minimum. Bridget of Bake at 350 gave us that fantastic trick a while back. Thanks Bridget!

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

Our snowman has rosy cheeks from the cold winter winds, so add a little pink petal dust to his cheeks with a q-tip.

I just love rosy cheeks on cookies!

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

And there ya go!

Easy peasy big-headed snowman cookies!

Big-Headed Snowmen Cookies

To make these snowmen cookies, I used a number 8 cutter from a local bake shop and a party hat from Wilton’s 4-piece Party set.

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