Baby on Board! Sweet Surfing Baby Shower Cake

Though my blog may not reflect this, I’ve actually been really busy baking these days! In fact, I’ve been designing really fun cakes for some of my closest friends, which makes for the most rewarding baking of all.

Pardon the lack of carefully staged photos. With my gals napping less, meticulously planned, well-executed photo sessions haven’t been in the cards. Still, this cake for my dear friend Rachel was too cute not to share!

How silly is that little plastic baby?! I love its adorable, vintage-look and for a plastic baby, I think the creepy/weird factor is pretty low. With a tiny pink bow added for a bit of girlie flair and it’s downright cute!

I made the “baby on board” sign out of beige cardstock and used colored pencil to draw on a wood look. Lastly, I stamped on the letters for “baby on board” and glued a toothpick on the back. Scissors, colored pencils, and glue take me back to art class, which I love!

For the surfboard, I freehanded a surfboard shape from fondant and added a fondant stripe down the middle.

Super easy to make and knowing that the baby rests atop the surfboard, it doesn’t even need to be ultra-smooth.

And for a splash of Instagram filter action, courtesy of my sweet friend Katie Jo, a couple more glamour shots of the cake!

A baby shower cake that any surfer gal or guy would love to celebrate their little surfer-to-be!

Speaking of surfers-to-be, Rachel’s baby is due any minute now! Yay babies!!

Post script! How cute would this cake look with a rosette swirl design like in this whale cakeor this mermaid cake?! A little extra wave-like texture, right? Love!

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