A Sprinkle-y Bicycle Cake: Cake Decorating for the Lazy Baker

Sweet Baby Cakes was born just a week before Father’s Day, so it suffices to say that my hubby was fully prepared for a rather non-existent Father’s Day celebration this year. Still, I wanted to make sure he had at least one surprise and some fun on his special day.

Since my incredible mama was in town helping out with Baby Adair, I was able to grant Ben a free morning to go biking in the desert while Nana hung with the girls and I made a tasty-licious Hummingbird Cake.

A Sprinkle-y Bicycle Cake: Cake Decorating for the Lazy Baker

If you don’t know Hummingbird Cake, we need to fix that pronto. Its a bright and smooth fruit-filled cake that’s incredibly easy to make. While the recipe I linked up makes a bundt cake, it easily transforms into a two-layer cake that only needs a bit of frosting as the cake itself is plenty rich.

Since time was of the essence, I used my favorite lazy baker technique, sprinkle stencils! Using an exact knife to cut this image out of cardstock, you’ve got a really unique stencil with just a few minutes effort. Once your cake has been frosted, place it in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes to tighten up the icing. Gently place the stencil right on top of the frosting and sprinkle away.

After carefully removing the stencil, you’ve got a fun and festively decorated cake!

A Sprinkle-y Bicycle Cake: Cake Decorating for the Lazy Baker

Is it my favorite decorated cake? Nah, but its got personality and it was easy, which fit the bill for this year’s Father’s Day. Most importantly, Ben loved it!

For another example of a sprinkles stencil, check out Ben’s birthday cake from last year. Funny that Ben seems to keep getting lazy cakes. Lucky for me, he doesn’t mind!

If you are really lazy to bake a cake, then this easy train birthday cake will be a fun idea for you to make a cake within no time.

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